• HR Consultancy

    HR Consulting and Employee Recruitment

    Unlike other consulting firms that specialize on business registration, we extend our services towards boosting the performance of your staff. Micromanagement is quite a challenge, thus we have drafted templates and programs geared towards monitoring employee performance, training managers to adopt a more strategic mindset, and addressing key areas for improvement. MPBD Consulting also provides on-going HR support for companies, depending on the specific needs of each client, as well as monthly retainers and consultation for HR professionals and management.

    Our services include :

    • Consultation and advice on drafting;

    – Company Manual
    – Employment Contracts
    – Company Policies
    – Company WorkFlow / WorkFouce
    – HRIS based Cloud Management

    • • Provision of legal and clear interpretation of the above mentioned documents
    • • Provision of legal operational support on employment laws and HR legal issues

    The following scope of work with you to find the right level of support you need.

    1. Manage personnel files
    2. Set up for new hires and closing for leavers
    3. Generate employment contract and new hire documents
    globalresourcebd.com shares the best employment practices and providing practical guidance on the application of the Employment Act to specific scenarios in relation to:
    1. Contract of Full time or project based Service
    2. Payment of Salary
    3. Rest Days, Hours of Work and Other Conditions of Service

    Human resource (HR) consulting, also referred to as HRM consulting, encompasses advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organizations human capital and the HR function. The scope of services range from overarching work on human capital strategy, the design and deployment of a compensation & benefits framework down to the transformation of the HR function.

    HR consultant can do for you? Human resource consultants are generally hired by three types of clients. Firstly, HR advisers support HR Directors and Managers of client organisations with improving the performance of the HR function – examples include implementing a HR Business Partner Delivery Model, redesigning HR processes or implementing a HRMIS system. Secondly, HR consultants are hired by clients – business, HR or works councils – to support broader human capital issues, this can range from providing HR support on M&A programmes to managing a cultural transformation or developing a new talent management strategy for critical business functions.