• HR Management

    HR Management

    We provide top-notch Human Resource services for businesses home and abroad that includes strategic and cost-efficient HR management initiatives, consultancy, training and development, as well as IT and marketing services and so forth. But finding the right fit talent is just the first step. To succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace, optimising the potential of your people is priority. That’s why after attracting and hiring the best people for your organisation, we offer a comprehensive suite of workforce programs such as :

    1. Management and HR Consultancy Services
    2. Executive Search Services
    3. Training and Development Services and Programs
    4. Managed Payroll Services
    5. Strategic Planning and Performance Review
    6. Leadership and Team Building
    7. Engagement Surveys and Programs
    8. Compensation Management and Salary Reviews

    Assessment Programme

    To best position your organisation for success, we gain an in-depth understanding of your workforce needs in order to identify and deliver ideal talent matches for the positions/locations that produce the highest return for your business.

    Training Programme

    Increase employee productivity and flexibility. Improve operational performance. Boost employee morale and engagement. Our training programmes are designed to strengthen your workforce and sharpen your competitive edge – more cost effectively than other internal or external programmes. Training is customised to fit your budget and address your company's knowledge gaps, and covers a vast range of topics, including software, business skills, environmental health and safety, legal compliance and IT solutions.

    Value Proposition

    Our goal is to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the organizations through service and innovation. This is achieved by reducing administrative work through automation, innovation, and outsourcing, thus enabling HR to focus on strategic and consulting value-added activities.

    1. Focus on areas that creates value
    2. Lower cost/ OPEX/ predictable
    3. Less time and effort to deploy, less expensive
    4. Upgrades are outsourced, guaranteed
    5. Outsourced, managed services
    6. Total Cost of Ownership decreases over time