• Recruitment Procedures

    Recruitment Procedures of workers From Bangladesh

    The Foreign Employers who are anticipating use the administrations of Man Power Services for work of Bangladeshi specialists may contact Man Power Services ideal through Fax/email/Phone taken after by a formal Demand Letter. The Demand Letter ought to incorporate (i) Type of specialists required (ii) Nature of work to be done(Job Description might be given) (iii) Number of Workers required, (iv) Wages/Salary, (v) settlement & Food offices, (vi) Qualifications and experience and others terms and states of administration. (Example of Demand Letter at Annex-II ).
    On the off chance that visa is required to be stamped in Bangladesh for chose laborers, the Employer is required to approve Man Power Services to enlist specialists and apply for visa and to perform others conventions with the concerned experts. The Power of Attorney ought to be bore witness to by the Foreign Ministry of the host nation and from there on by the Bangladesh Mission/Labor Attaché in that nation. In the event that an enlisting operator of a remote nation will manage Man Power Services, they ought to forward their enrollment endorsement to us. (Example of Power of Attorney at Annex-III) Office Selection: You may approve our Agency to choose qualified specialists completely ensured by us.
    Reports allowing authorization from the Competent Authority for work of Bangladeshi specialists in that Country i.e. Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit to be sent well ahead of time before takeoff of laborers.
    Singular Employment Contract Form in English is required to be sent to Man Power Services, in which the accompanying conditions are to be plainly expressed: (i) Name of the post, (ii) Monthly Salary/Wages, (iii) Duration of Contract, (iv) Accommodation, (v) Local Transportation, (vi) Traveling costs after end of agreement, (vii) Overtime remittance, (viii) Medical Treatment (ix) Weekly & Annual Holidays. The unspecified conditions might be as per the Labor Laws of the host nation.

    Departure Formalities

    As a rule the candidates who are searching for business abroad do have their travel papers. MPS additionally help the chose laborers who don't have identification to get travel permit as fast as would be prudent. There is arrangement for issuing travel permit on critical premise. The character and predecessors of every individual are being checked by the Police before issuing universal international ID.
    Labor Services may apply for visa if there should arise an occurrence of square/mass visa if the nation in which the specialists are voyaging has an Embassy in Bangladesh. This is the common practice. The business may get NOC/Work Permit/Visa guidance for the chose specialists. On the off chance that there is no Embassy in Bangladesh of specific nation, it is the duty of the Employer to acquire vital visa for setting out and passage to his nation.
    The business may send PTA/E-Ticket for the representative or dispatch vital voyaging costs for Man Power Services. In the event that businesses don't give joining air ticket, laborers will pay for joining air ticket. MPS will get Immigration freedom shape the concerned Govt. Divisions of Bangladesh & orchestrate Air Ticket for the chose specialists.
    Labor Services embrace the obligation of giving essential introduction to venturing out to remote nations. The laborers are educated about their obligations and duties and given direct data on workplace, principles, controls and social & social custom of that nation. They are exceptionally forewarned to keep up train and to take after entirely The principles and control of the organization.

    Selection Procedures

    On Receipt of affirmed Demand letter from the business, Man Power Services Collect CVs'/applications through any of a blend of the accompanying approaches to lineup the most appropriate possibility for talk with/test by the Employers or their approved delegate:

    Information Bank of Man Power Services

    News Paper ads

    Region Manpower workplaces of the Government

    Specialized/Specialized Institutions

    Database of the BMET/BAIRA

    Employment searcher's Forum

    Enlisted Sub-Agents

    Applications/CV's in this way got are screened by proficient Executives of the Company or by welcoming reasonably Technical/Professionals from outside. The short-recorded CV's either sent to the business or kept in the workplace according to yearning of the business and introduced at the season of meeting.

    The business or his delegate direct meetings/exchange tests so as to choose laborers at long last. The Man Power Services gives vital strategic help, for example, issuance of meeting cards, masterminding meeting & Test mutually with MP Technical Training Institute (MPTTI). On occasion MPS may likewise choose specialists on the off chance that they are depended to do as such by the business.
    The Candidates who are at last chosen are sent for Medical Examination to the delegated/Authorized Medical Centers. Regularly they are restoratively analyzed at the focuses named by the Embassies of the business' nation, or commonly chose Medical focus by boss and Man Power Services.

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