• Recruitment Workflow


    globalresourcebd .com, will publish advertisement the job openings in the national's press and job ports. The advertisement would be designed in accordance with the requirements of the employer. A period of seven days for appearance of the advertisement and a margin of fifteen days for candidates to apply would have to be allowed normally. (As specified in the Bangladesh Labor, Act.) What we require from you We require following document from you to grand recruitment authority from Bangladesh Government & to advertise in Daily Nationals News Papers.

    • Power of Attorney (Attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Bangladesh Embassy)
    • Demand Letter (Attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Bangladesh Embassy)
    • Agency Agreement
    • Employment Agreement
    • Guarantee Paper Visa copy/NOC

    Medical Examination

    The globalresourcebd .com, would ensure that every candidate undergoes a medical fitness examination to satisfy the health requirements and physical fitness standards set forth by the employer. Qualified doctors would conduct this examination. Their written reports would be sent to the employer. The selected candidates will also be cleared from the security point of view if desired the employer.

    Service Agreement

    To avoid any legal claims/dispute, the globalresourcebd .com , would stress upon the employer and the candidates to sign a Foreign Service agreement. This agreement is usually in line with laws if any, operating in the country of origin as well as employment. In addition, this document can include any special condition(s) that may be prescribed by the employer within the legal framework of the country of origin or employment. In the area of human resource recruitment, the globalresourcebd .com renders the following professional services to its foreign employers and recruitment firms:

    • Provision of resumes from office.
    • Resumes from the applicant and send to the employers upon request.
    • Designing and placement of advertisements in leading newspapers. (National News papers)
    • Receipt and short-listing of applicants.
    • Calling candidates for interviews.
    • Facilitating the interview process.
    • Testing and security clearance.
    • Verification and authentication of certificates.
    • Medical examination by authorized Medical Officers.
    • Visa endorsement by respective embassies.
    • Ticketing and reservation of passage.
    • Pre-departure orientation and briefing.


    Our company has established its own full-fledged training class run by a senior professional expert. Classroom lectures, role-play exercise and assignment specific training carry out training. Based on experience on the basic guarding skills, they are taught the rudiment of First Aids, Fire Fighting and self-defense. Industrial and commercial security training is also conducted to cover client's specific requirement.


    globalresourcebd .com takes serious steps in the selection of suitable candidates, verification of their records before sending them to our employers. In addition to these, our agency has qualified staff to carry out documents, relevant paper works for clearance from Labour Ministry as per Bangladesh Labour Law. This process ensures that we guarantee the quality manpower.